HfG Diplom 2007

During my diploma at the HfG Offenbach in 2007 I was not allowed to say "No"for 6 months. In that time I always had to say "Yes" to everything that was asked of me. For every month I made a magazine.

Editorial DesignGraphic DesignAdvertising
JA - During my diploma I decided not to decide. For 6 months (october 2007 - march 2008) I did not use the word no. Yes to everything that was asked of me. I documented the 67 most  thrilling assignments in my diary. Here are just a few pages with some work that I had to do. definitely an exercise that changed my life. :-)

Other Projects

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Art DirectionPhotographyRetouching
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BrandingGraphic Design
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IllustrationPaintingWeb Design
Konzertmilch Dortmund (Jung von Matt)
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Sven Gabriel
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Alexander Knöll
BrandingGraphic Design
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