In coorperation with notabag I illustrated a little story for the love between you and your notabag. (Photos by NOTABAG / FLAWLESS PERFECTION by Mr. Nevis It is a love story between your precious Notabag and yourself. You trust it to carry everything for you, while you’re carrying it. You shall never leave it alone or let it go, because someone will try to take it away from you. Protect it with all you got, since everything inside is everything you are and everything you need to live and love. Feel it like it feels your every single movement. The two characters symbolize the parts you carry around. The skeleton on the one hand is about the dead objects that, because you picked them out, protect and help you to get along. Sometimes you even begin to love those objects, just because they are simply perfect for you. The little boy symbolizes the awkwardness and sometimes silliness of the stuff you need or pack into your bag. He is, although his costume might look awkward, prepared for anything that he thinks will happen to him. With the items he picked for himself he will never drown and always be prepared to swim on top of any situation. Just as you will be prepared with the stuff you chose.

Art DirectionGraphic DesignIllustration
(Photos by NOTABAG /
(Photos by NOTABAG /

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