Graphic Design. Concepts. Art Direction. Big heart for new ideas. Branding. Many coffee breaks. Corporate Identities. Photography. Good Talks. Web Design. Always with love. Always together.

Sven Gabriel & Janja Milosevic

We are a graphic design team based in Berlin. Our first approach is always to create a strong design concept to build a longlasting visual identity. We worked for various companies in various fields and created visual concepts and campaigns for startups, global players and agencies. We always work with a well befriended network of professionals that we trusted for many years.

Awesome people we worked for

Art Directors Club/Germany, Basler, Balz & Balz, Bentlage, BiteBox, CAPITAM, Canadaday Berlin, Eintracht Frankfurt, Holzrichter Berlin, IQDoq, KlinikRente, La Douce Catering, Mattel/Germany, Notabag, Quality Impact, Rösterreich, Rocket B.E.A.N.S., Rooftop Consulting, San Burrito, Samsung, The Doorman, The Poutine Kitchen,...

Amazing people we work with

23 Karat (Programming)
Büro Bardohn (Strategic Services) 
la red (Digital agency)
Freiheit Gruppe (Media Production)
Havas Media (Media Planning Group)
Jan Herbolsheimer (Photography) 
Marco Sergio Gabriel (Concept and text)​ ​​​​​
Max Schroeder (Photography) 
mo postproduction (Postproduction)

Publications & Exhibitions

2009 _ ADC SUSHI 9
2009 _ Flow, Annual Magazine HfG Offenbach
2010 _ ADC SUSHI 10
2010 _ MyOwnBusinessCard#2 DesignerOnly (Index Book)
2010 _ Mail me Art
2010 _ Typoshirt One
2011 _ ADC SUSHI 11 (Hermann Schmidt Verlag)
2015 _ ADC SUSHI 15


2007 _ IF Communication Design Award (ADC SUSHI9, Art Directors Club/HfG Offenbach)
2009 _ ADC Junior Award (Diplom: Der Jasager, HfG Offenbach)
2010 _ ADC Award (Konzertmilch Dortmund, Jung von Matt)
2011 _ ADC "Dialog Social Media Kampagne" Auszeichung (Art Direktion "St. Pauli Schädelgenerator", Jung von Matt)