I was here - Cap de l´Homy
Travelphotography in France.
Portraits of the "Eintracht Frankfurt" Soccer team. Acrylics on Canvas / 70cm x 100cm
I was here / Bolivia 2015
Travelphotography in Bolivia.
Förster Skateboard
Product Design / Free project by MARCO & SVEN
Loveletters from a madman
Writing and Typography / Free project.
Design for the Frankfurt based rapper MacMa.
I was here / Bolivia 2014
Travelphotography in Bolivia.
Breaking Bad beginners kit
Free Project.
Hausarbeit eines Träumers
Editorial design.
Second hand plus one
Shooting with Max Schroeder
10 rules for a happy life
Posterdesign w/ M. Rastegar, M. Gabriel and A. Meinhardt.
Camo Hype Type - Font
Selfmade font.
Digital Misfits
Free work.
Stickz and Stonez Font
Selfmade font.
HfG Diplom 2007
Concept and editorial design.
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