Corporate Identity for THE DOORMAN apartment hotel.
San Burrito
Corporate design for a mexican restaurant in Hamburg. w/ N.Telebak
Balz & Balz
Logo and design for a coffeeshop in Hamburg.
Holzrichter Berlin
Photoshooting for the new collection. w/ J. Milosevic
Alexander Knöll
Corporate identity for Alexander Knöll.
BiteBox - Corporate Identity
Corporate Identity and editorial design.
Klass Kommunikation
Corporate Identity for Klass Kommunikation.
Naming & Corporate identity for Capitam. w/ M. Gabriel
Quality Impact
Corporate identity and editorialdesign. w/ Büro Bardohn
Redesign user interface of IQAkte Personal for the company IQDoQ.
Concept and illustration.
Skeleton Skies No2
Photography, EP cover & flyer design for the Berlin based music band Skeleton Skies.
Some Animations for several clients
San Burrito
Mexican foodshooting w/ N.Telebak.
Dr. Gabriel
Corporate Identity for Dr. med. Herwig Gabriel.
Rooftop Consulting
Consulting the consultans. A uncompromized corporate design.
La Douce Catering
Logodesign für La Douce Catering.
BiteBox @Internorga
Concept and design for the BiteBox fair stand at internorga
Illustration for Notabag.
Corporate design w/ J. Stoffer.
Konzertmilch Dortmund (Jung von Matt)
Packaging design for JvM.
Corporate design w/ M. Gabriel and M. Rastegar.
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